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case study

weight bags

A custom product developed to serve a variety of uses.

about the project

technical textiles

Weight bags are filled with steel shot or sand and are used in many industrial applications: To hold down equipment against windy conditions, pressure areas for laminating, counterbalances, and load testing equipment to break strength. Because of the variety of applications that we create, custom sized bags depend on the situation. We make weight bags in varying weights of 2 lbs to 50 lbs.


project scope

our solution

Employee safety is very important to most companies, including ours. This product is used to prevent incidents and accidents, such as weighing down a ladder so it doesn’t shift while on an airfield.

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After being in business for over 125 years, we have developed a system to help our team efficiently produce bulk/duplicate product. We can produce similar custom products at high quantities, while still living up to our QMS standards.


It is crucial to be consistent with our processes when producing preventative safety products for our customers. Developing a custom product at such a small size, accuracy is especially important to us.

Deliver Results

Delivering results is a core value for our Rainier team. Our corporate policy commits us to put our customers first and provide a quality product.


We sell several thousand weight bags each year as a testimonial to their value in the industry.

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