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case study

head strike protection

A custom product developed to evolve safety standards.

about the project

Aerospace Safety

PRE in aerospace applications means Protective Equipment. These small PRE covers were designed to protect assembly workers from injuring their head and/or face while working in close quarters.


project scope

our solution

Our team, through brainstorming and innovation, created these covers to eliminate a safety hazard. After measuring the exposed bars, we created custom covers to keep workers safe.

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Advanced Engineering

We have a team of engineers that develop custom designs to help solve problems for our customers. The Design/Build process is a unique benefit to working with us at Rainier.


When you work with Rainier on a project, we strive to be as innovative in our solutions as possible. With our variety of specialty equipment, such as our wood shop, metal shop and 3D freeform tube bender, the possibilities are endless.


Our team of specialized sewing experts worked with great precision to create these small and detailed covers. Accuracy is very important to us when delivering results for our customers. Very small parts like this are actually more difficult to produce than items that are many feet in size.


Head injury is a huge safety concern. Safety is one of the highest criteria not only in the aerospace industry but in the industrial manufacturing business in general.

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