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case study

air dam for ductwork

A custom product developed to test equipment capabilities.

about the project

Custom Fabric Solutions

This product was made with a light-weight reinforced fabric. Internally there are several baffles that prevent the bag from inflating into a spherical shape. Our customer needed a means to temporarily block airflow through a ductwork during testing at a new installation.


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Problem Solving

The majority of our Industrial projects at Rainier revolve around solving a problem for our customer. We are proud of our resourcefulness and ambitions to help our customers by creating custom products for them.


Our engineering team is eager to take on new design challenges. We strive to push boundaries wherever possible, developing innovative products.


Our experience in the industry gives us the qualifications to complete jobs to high profile clients and continue to do work for them throughout the years. We have been in business for 125 years as of 2021.


This was a very unique customer circumstance that solved the customer problem in one singular product.


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