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case study

Nose tie-down straps

A custom product developed to solve a product storage problem.

about the project

industrial textiles

Nose Tie-Down Webbing Assembly. This product is used to secure an airplane on the tarmac during high winds or storage. The uplift on the wings can reach thousands of pounds. Sometimes Load-Testing is required to confirm the WLL (Working Load Limit). The load test photo shows the webbing assembly holding 8,400 LBS off of the ground for several minutes.


project scope

our solution

Initially when a large plane is on the tarmac without the engine installed or in long-term storage, it can easily lift off the ground under certain wind conditions. With these custom straps, they hold down the nose of the airplane and prevent it from lifting off of the ground. They are used on some of the largest jet airplanes in the world. The straps are composed of webbing with a wear indicator stripe, a delta ring, shackles, and a ratchet to pull it tight. We provide a Certificate of Conformance with each shipment.

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Quality Materials

Quality materials are essential to a quality product, and we use only premium materials to create all of our custom industrial products. These straps are even equipped with a wear indicating thread.


Our fabric shop is comprised of teammates dedicated to sewing customer products. Their sharp focus and precison ensures quality results.


In business for 125 years as of 2021, our experience in the industry is unmatched, and produces top-quality, reliable products.


Our customers have been ordering these straps consistently since their first order for them in 2012. We created these custom straps specifically to solve customer problems.



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