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case study


conveyor guard

A custom product developed to enhance a product.

about the project

conveyor chute liner

This project is located at Wild Waves waterpark in Federal Way, WA. The conveyor shown is made by Van Stone Conveyor. Rainier’s fabrication includes mesh side guards to prevent rafts from falling off, and solid fabric below the conveyor to control drainage of water.


project scope

our solution

This project is a good example of adapting our capabilities to replace an already “solved” universal problem. Mechanisms like this conveyor belt are being made around the world and will always require a fabricator to help cover and re-cover them over the years. We simply adapted our fabric capabilities to custom-fit this conveyor belt.

see it in action

project gallery


Facility Capacity

Sewing and welding this large mesh project to be seamless took a lot of space. Our 140,000 sf facility allows us to work on large projects with ease. This client's longest conveyor can be up to 400' long.

Quality Materials

Giving our customers’ a quality product requires manufacturing with the best materials that we can find.

Universal Applications

While custom manufacturing is our middle name, we also want to show that we can create solutions for standard products as well. 


With help from Rainier, Van Stone is getting into the international markets. Their conveyor systems are even installed at Qatar's largest waterpark.

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